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This school has the vision to train and equip individuals for the work of ministry. It is birthed for raising fire brand army for the entire harvest of souls; (Mark:16:15-18). In Revival War Institute, people are trained in the spirit of revival and excellence for exploits in God’s kingdom and ministry. It is a place where GOD works with the Holy Spirit through the name of Jesus to produce godly lives, birth ministries and launch individuals into fulfilling their destinies with respect to the will of God for their lives.

Furthermore, we give practical and academic training that will equip Revivalists for strategic warfare, deliverance and healing ministry.


Revival War Institute is an arm of the revival army with the vision of raising end-time revivalists across the world. It’s a platform where Christian Leaders are trained and imparted to fulfill the call and purpose of God for their lives.

Here, students will meet with God’s Quarry for excavating hidden potentials; they will encounter God’s crucible and wheel to purify, shape, and sharpen them for kingdom profit.

The school provides the right atmosphere for all round spiritual experience that shifts a believer from limitation to limelight and from stagnation to stardom.

One of the reasons Jesus came was to rekindle the life of God in dead humanity. Having paid the ultimate price, He also sent the Holy Ghost and fire to keep believers burning for God till His return. The Fire of the Holy Ghost is the power behind salvation and transformation of souls; the secret of preaching the full gospel with signs and wonders. Revival War institute, therefore, aims to combine the knowledge of the word with spiritual fervency to achieve this.

Revival War Institute seeks to see graduates create and sustain the knowledge and presence of God like Daniel, Joseph in every corner where they work. Like the army of Gideon with Holy flames, they demolish satanic strongholds and set up the government of God across the nations of the earth.

Dr. Deborah Macfoy Akachukwu is the vision bearer and chancellor of Revival War Institute.


  1. To raise believers who are well-rooted in the Faith and imparted for the fulfillment of their life’s purpose.
  2. To have Christians carry Holy Flames for the establishment and advancement of the Kingdom of GOD in all spheres of life.
  3. To Raise God’s End Time Battalions who will invade darkness as deliverers until the Kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our GOD and His Christ.


We Train, Equip, and Deploy both young and old believers through the practical teaching of the Word of God for Kingdom service in edifying the church and imparting the world with the light of the Gospel.

The training will arm students with:

  • Biblical understanding and Interpretation
  • Discovery and Recovery of the destinies
  • Necessary preparation to fulfill divine call and purpose
  • Ministerial training
  • Leadership Training
  • Equipment for enlistment into God’s End Time Army

Part-Time Studies  (Friday and Saturday)

Full-Time Studies (Monday – Friday)

Part-time runs every Friday and Saturday weekly.
Friday lectures start from 3 pm to 6 pm and Saturday lectures run from 10 am to 3 pm which is a total of 8 hours per week for one year.

Full time runs from Monday to Friday Students are trained on 13 Courses which includes:

Course Outline
  1. Charismatic Doctrines.
  2. Principles of Spiritual Guidance.
  3. Raising End Time Ministerial Army.
  4. Operating and Practicing Fresh Anointing.
  5. Effective Pastoral Ministry.
  6. Loyalty and Disloyalty.
  7. Fire Evangelism and Missions.
  8. Practical Christian Leadership.
  9. Prayer, Deliverance, and Spiritual Warfare.
  10. Marriage Ordinance.
  11. Bible Overview and Biblical Interpretation.
  12. History of Revival.
  13. Use of English

In Revival War Institute, people are trained in the spirit of revival and excellence for exploits in God’s kingdom and ministry.


This is basically healing and deliverance school for those in need of deliverance in one area of their lives or the other. Also, it is a Holy Ghost empowered school where people are equipped with knowledge for spiritual warfare. It holds every 2nd week of the month beginning from Wednesday through Friday (Wed-Fri). The school runs in watches (Morning Watch: 9:00am-12:00pm, Afternoon Watch:3:00pm-6:00pm and Night Watch: 9:00pm-3:00am) three (3) days.

The morning watch offers one (1) unit, same with the afternoon watch. But the night watch offers two (2)units, making it a total of four (4)units per day. So for the three days sessions we have twelve (12) units. Now to qualify for the certificate Examination in the War College, one must get up to 9 units per session for four (4) consecutive sessions, making it a total of 36 units.

9 units———————————–100 level.

18 Units———————————200 level.

27 Units———————————300 level.

36 Units———————————400 level.

Registration is FREE!

testimonial-team-revival army
Dr. Deborah Macfoy Akachukwu

We are here to kindle the fire of Revival in the hearts of men for the accomplishment of the demands of the kingdom over the nations. To Nurture and to raise prophetic revival warriors, that will boldly advance to the world to spread Revival Fire.

testimonial-team-revival army
Dr. Deborah Macfoy Akachukwu
Marketing Manager

Our Mission is to mandate yielded vessels with the burden for the latter rain, and global revival. To set watch on the strategic mountains and gates of nations through intercession and intense prayer, preparing them for the great outpouring and the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.