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We began in the January 2016 to host our Tuesday meeting in the new Altars and the dedication of the direction of the Holy Ghost. In March, we began renovation project on 3 major hours for prayers, ministers, study and library in preparation for a mandate by God for 2880 hours marathon prayers to be hosted. The work was completed and dedicated on July 30, 2016. In attendance were Bishop Sosthenes Eze, Bishop Obi Onubugo, Bishop M Adu, Pastor Edwin Baiebo, Pastor Dr Alfred Itiowe, Pst Sylvester Macfoy, Apostle Uzodike, Bishop Onuchukwu, Bishop Nwaodika, Bishop Nwafor, Rev. and Mrs Ogidiolu, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria Leaders, Pastors and members of Enugu and elders in the city.

The torrential revival prayers was majorly centered towards the awakening of the Church and the establishment of the kingdom of God among the nations of the world.

Prophetess Sabina through the grace of God touched the realm of the Spirit to understand God’s heartbeat at these eminent times. For 2880 hours/ 120 days NON-STOP agonizing prayers held continuously and intense Bible Study for revival to break forth in the Churches and Nations. Ministers came from all around the nation at various times to join the prayers.

These daily prayers and Bible study brought us to the realm of the Spirit and Truth. Though no specific order or schedule was given as we move as directed by the Holy Spirit.

These prayers resulted in

  1. The entering of the Word of God.
  2. The impartation of Gifts and Season of Deliverance.
  3. Daily 6hours Worship which at times lasted till 12 hours.
  4. The lifting of Burdens and Weights.

God had his way, visited in mighty ways such as

  1. The revival in the judiciary of Nigeria which began on the 7th of October, 2016 as a result of a prophecy given by Prophetess Sabina Akachukwu in September 2016.
  2. Divine change of government in United States of America from the liberal government led by the Democratic Party which is in support of homosexualism and other unrigheous activities against the godly values of the church to a more conservative government led the Republican Party that has began bringing these christian values back to the country through changing of national policies. The election held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Presidential elections were held in the Gambia on 1 December 2016. In a surprise result, opposition candidate Adama Barrow defeated long-term incumbent Yahya Jammeh. The election marked the first change of presidency in The Gambia since a military coup in 1994, and the first transfer of power by popular election since independence from the United Kingdom in 1965.
  3. Restoration of lost men and women, showing them the way the heart of God.

This prayer was held in Jesus House of Prayer non-stop, Glory to God.

This season of prayers birthed so many new groups such as Lydia company, Throne keepers, Rebecca Company, Kairos Daughters and Hannah’s company.

The meeting was concluded with ALTAR OF WORSHIP on 9th December, 2016 which is an assignment to uphold the Revival as birthed at the East Gate and sustain the Revival for Global manifestation of God’s power again in the Church. the East Gate Revival Altar was raised by Rev. Dr. Mosy Madugba, Bishop Obi Onubugo, Rt. Rev. Engr Sosthenes Eze and other Gate keepers in the city at Revival City Auditorium. David G, Elijah Oyelade, Minister Ale, Chidi Just worship, Cen J and our 1000 mass Choir led worship as we ministered to the Lord, giving thanks for the Torrential Revival Marathon Prayers success which lasted till 28th of November, 2016 completed the 2880 hours non-stop.

We began our flame keeper year in 2017 to sustain the fire that broke out in the 2880 hours marathon prayers with daily watches at 5am(Commanding your Morning), 3pm(Flame Keepers Watch), 6pm(Revival Army Worship Hour), 9pm(Prayer rain) and 12midnight(Engaging the Heavens).

Ultimately, God gave us a new mandate as an approval of the Altar of Worship to be held at the First Friday of each Month and also an assignment to the Lord. This worship lasts from 6pm till dawn and has seen prophetic ministers such as David G, Chioma Jesus, Cen J, Minister Ale, Apostle Offordile, Chika Okpara, Owie Abutu, Bishop Kenedy, etc. Now montly, God has mightily magnified his work and glory in this meeting.

Revival Institute started in July 29, 2017 with the Prayer School. The course the school started with is “Dealing with Faulty Foundations”. From the inception, all Night prayers holds at Revival City International Retreat and Conference center. Now, the season of worship started by the raising of the Altar of Worship resulted in 90 days 12hours worship which started on July 9, 2017 and will last till October 6, 2017.



At the inaugural ceremony of Word Women Network on the 12thJuly 2004, the theme was back to the Bible. The women encouraged others to return back to the Bible to know more about God. As time goes on, the theme was changed to “Tent Meeting for God Seekers” and the meetings were centered on Mathew: 6 vs 33 to seek the truth and beholding the Glory of God. The monthly meeting was on the 3rdSaturday of every month starting at 9: am, and sometimes cutting till the other side of the afternoon. The woman took evangelism to prisons, hospitals, airports, orphanage, home for the elderly and home for people living with disability. In 2005, the theme changed to the quest of perfection, a season that saw the women change to new levels of spiritual growth and reawakening.

The World International Network (WIN) also came on board, diversified into WIN Africa TV and “Inspired Word”, a word power series held by Enugu state Television. It was meant to raise a prophetic voice for Africa where men and women with the end time mandate can replicate God’s own agenda for the nations. This project did not fully take off because of some challenges as the group held a retreat to seek God’s face to know clearly how they were to proceed. As they waited to get a blue print from the Lord, they gave prayer its proper place. The group started daily morning devotion at the abandoned factory in 2007. While at it, an altar was raised by divine intervention and by revelation God gave the group the name “The Trumpeters”. This was followed by a blue print of an annual program tagged Pain to Purpose: Every Women Dream Conference, which began in July 2007. The meeting featured several women speakers which Apostle Paul captured in 2Corinthians:4 vs8-12. While the women has limitless compassion for the broken hearted, especially in the exchange of beauty for ashes, God visited them with the burden for the young. They use education and biblical teaching to change the lives of the very young.

WIN BIBLE CLUB started out as a response to the call to influence the next generation, pulling them from destructive elements in the natural environments and in social media, also raising leaders with excellent spirits in this generation after the order of Daniel, Esther, Joseph and Mary.

The Program started on 1stof August 2007 having about 250 children and youths in attendance at 114 Ziks Avenue, Uwani Enugu (WIN CENTER). It was 100% Bible club based purely on teachings from the word of God. Children were being taught the word of God in a way and manner they were acquainted with the word of God and were being introduced to the person of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit to do

tremendous work in their lives that on the day of the Holy Ghost baptism, children even below the age of six spoke in tongues, prophesied and received visions. As a result of this revival, many children gave their lives to Christ and some who were not able to read the Bible, read and even recited many chapters and verses of the scriptures just within few weeks. This improvement fetched those prizes such as: mobile phones, Bible and Laptops etc., to their credit. We made sure that the physical needs of these children were met as well. This is seen in the daily provision of their lunch, writing materials and a conducive environment for them. God really saw us through; He provided all; the directions, the logistics, finances and personnel needed for the programme. Our first year marked great inception into a bigger picture of God’s mandate to the ministry and with greater works in the years ahead.

2008 was indeed a great year for Win Bible Club, because we had more number of souls who were won over to the kingdom of God. We had a great move of the Holy Ghost in the lives of these children. During the impartation and deliverance session, children who were possessed by demonic spirits were freed, we declared war in the kingdom of immorality and youths were delivered from the chains o fornication, masturbation, lesbianism homosexualism and all form of addiction holding them bound. The Lord indeed did wonders through His ministers like: Apostl Vincent Uzodike, Bishop Obi OnuboguPastor Edwin Bayeibo and other anointed me of God to declare deliverance upon these children. Mrs.MercyUdom and Pastor Mrs. Vivian Anyanwu who were our first coordinators was used greatly by God to organize these Children and their teachers well. These Children were taught and fed at no cost.


Hallelujahiah! In 2009 it was a year of increase to WIN BIBLE CLUB; God gave one more center to owing to the trooping number of children who came for the previous year. The new center which was opened at Trans-ekulu primary school caught the fire immediately and children from the eastern part of Enugu were able to experience God’s power. The testimonies didn’t close in 2009. The Lord did wonders; there were avenues to reach out to these children. Academics were not left out, the teachers and facilitators were trained. Lunch was served to the children as all was done according to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Talent hunts were introduced in the curriculum. The children were given opportunity to showcase and channel their talents towards the kingdom business. They were able to recite the books of Timothy, Proverbs, Psalms, and many other places in the bible as to boost their spiritual life. The Lord is awesome; In 2010 He added 4 new enters to us making up the number of centers to 6 centers. These new centers includes: MTD College Garriki(Enugu south) Ekulu Primary School now All Saints Primary School (Enugu east) Ngwo Girls Secondary School, Ngwo (Enugu Central) and St. Theresa’s Primary School Abakpa Nike Enugu (Enugu East).   Each of these centers had not less than 1000 children in attendance. It was a year of maturity for WIN Bible Club as it trained us so much as we understood closer that God is taking us into another realm. God did His work through us and His power went forth. The testimonies kept increasing the more. We understood that the higher the number of the children in attendance, the higher the work of God “ceteris paribus”. The programme took the shape God wanted it to take, souls were restored back to Him, youths received impartations and release for prophesies and visions as the Holy Ghost worked. Children were delivered from familiar spirits, and their destinies were called forth. God was glorified. In 2011 the programme took a new dimension, the lord increased our centers as we were added with three more centers making up the total number of nine centers. The new centers were in Coal camp Primary School (Enugu east) and Emene Practicing School. Community Primary school Amorji- Nike. The centers increased, the number of children increased, our responsibilities and budgets increased as well but Jehovah Jireh was with us and he provided all the necessary things we needed. God declared it a year of revival for youths. Following this mandates, a 3 day youth revival summit was organized on the 29 to 31th August for the youths in Enugu at NnamdiAzikiwe stadium. It was the first of its kind in the city. Youths in both secondary and tertiary institution came out in their numbers, we had a full hall. Buses were sent to different centers to convey the youths to and fro the program at no cost. As they came, the Holy Ghost began from the first day of the programand there was revival fire which ignited deeply in the hearts of those young ones. During the ministrations, thousands of them gave theirlives to Christ while those in secret societies where delivered and they surrendered their weapons. The kingdom of sexual immoralitywas seriously dealt with to an extent, those youths surrendered their condoms, pornographic films and other forms of illicitmagazines were burnt on the program. Chains of sexual addictions were

broken and the spirits of sexual addictions were cast out. God used His servant Pastor ObiekweNwandu and Ken Kattas to bring about evident changes in the lives of the youths.

God raised people who made sure that the youths were taken good care of. In the area of welfare, lunch was provided for thousands of youths. Wow it was AWESOME!!!.

In the vear 2012 by the grace of God, 4 more centers were added. Increasing it to 13 centers. The new centers were: Methodist high school (Enugu South), Asata primary school Obiagu (Enugu north) Ugbodogwu Primary School (Enugu east) and Abor. Still on the call for revival, revival messages were preached at the center levels. It was an awesome experience for the children as the children were mandated to go for evangelism and win more souls which they embarked on. We had a testimony galore in this assignment. The 3 days youth revival summit this year was wonderful as we had above 10,000 youth from the whole parts NnamdiAzikwe Stadium Enugu.

God really showed His power in the programme as the revival was the double of what we had in the previous year. Youths were being restored back to God, yokes were broken, we declared war in marine kingdoms and God’s children were delivered from their covens, it was truly a season of harvest for the kingdom. Hallelujah. The Lord really saw us through he provided us with all personnel, logistics and materials we needed. He proved that He was, He is and He will be with us and we believe him for great harvest and greater woks next time.


The season of revival for women started February 23 through March 23, 203. This opened up a new phase in the ministry and a deep desire within the participants to keep the flames of revival burning. it lead to the birthing of the Flame keepers whose main task is to keep fanning the flames through diligent study of the word of God, steadfast and continuous intercession which translated to practical exemplary Christian lifestyle. This inauguration of the new arm of the ministry was done by Rev. MosyMadugba and it gave birth to the weekly Tuesday meetings that ran from 7am to 10:30am. Later in the 2013, the ministry acquired a piece of land in Iva valley, named Revival City and ran the first series of ministry meeting in February 2014. The foundation of the chapel of intercession was laid on the 6th of march 2014, closely followed by a convention on the 14th of march captioned Cloud of Glory which opens the 90days prayer in revival city with over 1000 persons in attendance. This meeting were marked by a visible appearance of the glory God in the heavens with various people praying at different strategic watch gates round the clock. In the course of the 90days, the Lord instructed the vision bearer. Prophetess Deborah, to give Him nine nights of worship and see Him do wonders. This coincided with the time when God told her to give Him three nights on the mountain, and the instruction was given on the third night. This meeting was to run from the 1st till 9th of May, 2014 amazingly the chapel far from being finished was ready for the event and it was commissioned on the 9th of May 2014, by right rev. ObiOnobugo of The Rock cathedral. At the end of the program, there was another clarion call giving birth to the Issachar Mandate, a campus revival movement cutting across various campuses within and outside the shores of Enugu state. The first edition was held in 20th to 21 June, 2014. In attendance were students from University; Institute of Management and Technology: Dental Technology; Enugu State College of Education and Technical, University of Benin: NamdiAzikwe University: Federal and Imo State University. It became a monthly meeting weekend of the month. These meeting became life changing  platforms God could raise Revival warriors. This meeting holds on the third Friday of every month.

In 2015, we hosted the 9th edition of Pain toPurpose, When Career Women Pray (October1) and monthly deliverance meetings are held.RevivalArmy was officially commissioned on 1st of September, 2015 by Apostle Mike Ofoegbu. Ofoegbu. The revival army now consists of all the groups of the ministry: The Trumpeters Elders at the Gate, Flame Keepers, Issachar mandate, Anna’s Company Club. Furthermore, the ministry by instruction of the Holy Spirit started the 5 am prayer tagged “Commanding your Morning.” The birthing of the prayer camp took place on 3rd of October, 2015 and was captioned rivers of revival. The ministry hosted Bro Emma Okorie of the Living word ministry International, Aba, together with about 20 pastors. Eighteen different altars were raised for prayers and divine encounters. There have been various testimonies of what God has done on this mountain. The ministry then started its neighborhood medical outreaches, reaching out to citizens in Iva valley (road 1 and 2), Ugwupeak, Camp 1 and Ekulu Pottery. 2016 was declared the year of the watchman for the ministry and this was a call on the ministry to stand on her watch as gate keepers over the church and the nations of the world so that sometime in march, 2016, the lord impressed it strongly in the heart of the vision bearer to call for 120days (2880hours) of non- stop prayers. This was to take off from the 1stof August till the 28th of November, 2016. There was then a need to build again. Amazingly, we saw the Lord build for himself the Jesus House of Prayer, the House of Ministers and the House of Studies. These buildings were dedicated on the 30th of July dedicated on the 30th of July, by the fathers in the land. In attendance were Bishop Obi Onubuogu, Bishop Madu, Pastor Dr. AlfresItiowe, ApsotleUzodike. etc.


The Torrential revival Prayers kicked off onthe 1st of August 2016, it was majorly centered towards the awakening of the Church, and the establishment of the kingdom of God among the nations of the world. Just as the word torrential means an intense outpour, our cry and  yearning has been for an intense outpour, of the Holy Ghost upon the nations and its people. The Revival was hosted by Prophetess Sabina MacfoyAkachukwu, who through the grace of God touched the realm of the Spirit to understand God’s heartbeat at these eminent times. She is a woman of God who has absolute dependency on the Holy Spirit.

During the 120days there was norecorded activity in the program schedule without theleading of the Holy Spirit stirring us intodirection which kept the meeting alive Spirit-filled. Honor to God, who can do all things and mostly who have caused the cloud of His Glory to sit above his children. More to know is the great approach towards his word,  which triggered an outstanding effect aimpact in the lives ofparticipants (the heavenly Orchestrated people). Then if I may do some series of outline, it could do more good for a perfect exposition on Torrential.

Revival Prayer.


The entering of the light (The Word of God): basically, it seems as if everybody could say his own mind of how the prayer should be started and followed in procession, but something more than expected occurred, how it began may be simply noted but can’t be deeply explained. In as much all the people participated in it, the depth was deep that it overshadowed all, leaving none out. The approach towards the word of God was tremendous and awesome, in no dimension can a literate man lay his human terminologies towards it, for God himself lectured his Children, just as he said in his word in the scripture. “therefore the word of the Lord will be to them, precepts upon precepts, line upon line. ( Isaiah: 28 vs 9b, 13a). This was not This not until there was given a direction from heaven concerning the order of the bible study exercise, which were constructed by hours and with a stipulation to finish the Bible within the four months stay in the prayer exercise. But condition and motion changed the proper observation and the time limit that was meant for each session of the study. Though it was initially held early in morning hours and late in the evening hours, the exposition was open for personal and collective observation, commentary, questions and suggestion of which the appointed and well positioned leading man was Pastor Ebi, through the help of the Holy Spirit. However, as the days were spent under preparation and references, we were caught up in the realm of the non-stop

Revival Prayer Bible Study. Totally, themajority of the move of God was after the

daily spiritual food we ate. This move caught the attention of visiting ministers and lodging guest, so that the whole house filled and fro thier faces will show the eagerness to receive the word of God, which is the food of life. The impartation of Gifts and season of Deliverance, during the long tarrying of there have been a vast impartation experiences and tremendous deliverance hours. The earnest desire of all the participants were over-shadowed by the presence of the Holy Spirit; which triggered the manifestation of the glory of God in people’s lives, for they can now easily communicate with God, study the scriptures with joy, and also enroll themselves in long personal and collective to travailing prayers.

Notably, was that without measure, the unction from God was poured out, and there was an outburst of testimonies, thanksgiving

and emerging of hidden spiritual gifts. Towards the time for bible study, worship section, there had been a visible manifestation of God’s power. Moreover, the demand for God was the utmost call: all cherished the overwhelming presence of God. The Praise and Worship hour/Heart-Felt meditation. achange in the go is marked by a sacrifice. Majorly, this experience was beyond literal singing of songs and handling of meditational approach towards God via hymns and psalms, and inclusively praises and adoration.

The scopes of prayers and revelation functions of praise and meditation on the scripture, all though not all the time round, but at each interval for praise Truly, there was once a whole full three weeks, through the help of the Holy Spirit, will cover a time expense of seven hours not- stop in praising and worshiping the Almighty God. However, this was not until we obtained understanding that one of the major trends for Revival outburst was the act of praise and worship. Total submission was given to this move and altogether since then the prayer have been the same for of a truth. God inhabits in the midst of praise and worship. The lifting of burdens and weights: As the prayer continues, God begins to walk in an unusual way; – there was a seasonal touching of people’s lives. The challenges of life were subdued, just as what Jesus Christ said, “Take my yoke for it is easy, and take my burden for it is light. This was not until the heavy laden of the people were eased form their shoulders, just as what Jesus promised and commanded, “Come unto me all ye who are weary, and are heavily laden” Now a systematic move through Grace was achievable towards laying aside weights (levels of carnality) of the people. I could testify that often times will Dr. DeborahAkachukwu pin down a whole exposition and teaching which alters to circumcise people’s hearts and minds. Although everyone is ripe for a revival move but not every heart, and for this, there was a maximum exhortation on every sphere of people’s lives where challenges are faced. Gradually and with the heart of a mother,Dr. Deborah will gather us round to guide us. There are specific people, whom God is speaking to their hearts, this meeting is not for everybody, and revival is not for everybody, but those whom God is speaking to their hearts. They may neither be noisy, nor be so charismatic, nor so anointed, but God is looking at their hearts.

For all times, men will come to this mountain to serve and worship him. 5:00am prayers will not just be revival army prayers but revival city prayers and men that come to the mountain to pray will be a part of it. The times of prayers will be 12am, 5am, 3pm and 6-9pm. These watches will be times of prayer in revival city for all times to keep the flames of fire burning. The house of prayer will be a place of prayer for all times and its altar is the altar of prayer where people will come to pray and catch the Revival Fire. The 3-4pm watch is the time to keep the flame of revival for churches and nations burning. The 12-1am watch is for intercession. As we held the meeting to give reports of the various departments involved in the torrential revival prayers. One of the days in the Hot Sun at about 2pm on the 120th day, rain drizzled for 30seconds. This is the sign we had, signifying that God together with the heavenly hosts recognized the completion of the prayers.

testimonial-team-revival army
Dr. Deborah Macfoy Akachukwu

We are here to kindle the fire of Revival in the hearts of men for the accomplishment of the demands of the kingdom over the nations. To Nurture and to raise prophetic revival warriors, that will boldly advance to the world to spread Revival Fire.

testimonial-team-revival army
Dr. Deborah Macfoy Akachukwu
Marketing Manager

Our Mission is to mandate yielded vessels with the burden for the latter rain, and global revival. To set watch on the strategic mountains and gates of nations through intercession and intense prayer, preparing them for the great outpouring and the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.