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REVIVAL ARMY JOF, series 81 Journey of Freedom

JOF series 81

Journey of freedom


Dr. Deborah Macfoy Akachukwu.

Prayer Focus: rule in the midst of your enemies

Scripture:Psalms 110:2
[2]The LORD shall send the rod of thy strength out of Zion: rule thou in the midst of thine enemies.


The dominion mandate given to man makes him legitimately authorized to rule, subdue and conquer every thing in the earth realm. There are enemies of man From the day of creation who will not allow him to fulfill the glorious Destiny God has given to him. So he must subdue, conquer and rule over them.

Your Authority comes from.

1. Salvation.

2. the abiding presence of God.( As you continually stay with the Lord in obedience)

3. Knowledge of God and His will.

4. Word of God.

Prayer Point.

1. Heavenly Father, we thank you for your abundant Grace and mercy, you have shown us.

2. Eternal King of Glory, we thank you for the authority you gave us.

3. Father in the name of Jesus, we thank you for the victory you gave us over the enemy.

4. Oh Lord, let all the enemies of my destiny, be frustrated, in Jesus name.

5. Oh Lord, arise! Let your enemies be scattered, let those who hate you flee before you.

6. Oh Lord, scatter the gathering of the wicked who have risen against my life, in Jesus mighty name.

7. Let confusion,shame and disgrace be the portion of my enemies, in Jesus mighty name.

8. Father in the name of Jesus, Let the evil plot and schemes of the enemy, be scattered and rendered impotent.

9. Father in the name of Jesus, Let the weapons and instrument of operation of the wicked, be destroyed completely.

10. Father in the name of Jesus, let the rod of the wicked be broken, in Jesus mighty name.

11. Let fear grip the heart of the sworn enemies of my destiny, let them submit in fear, in Jesus mighty name.

12. Thank you Father for answered prayers, in Jesus mighty name.

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