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Text: 1 Sam 2:30

…but now the Lord saith, Be it far from me; for them that honour me I will honour, and they that despise me shall be lightly esteemed.


Honour is one of the deep spiritual laws of the kingdom. Anyone that wishes to enjoy in full the riches of the kingdom must not be a defaulter of the law of honour. Honour is a kingdom pathway that leads to untold greatness. Honour can make out a wonder out of your life whereas dishonour can make out misery out of your life. As much as the systems of the kingdom are powerful, there are ones that are more powerful than others of which the system of honour falls among that category.

Honour governs how favoured and successful a man can be. Those that don’t know how to apply the principles of honour are bound to be strugglers and miserable in life.

It is important to know that the kingdom works with the principle of “keys and doors”. To open a particular door in your life you must be able to know the right key to use that will grant you access to that door. For instance, time is the key to destiny. Anything that attacks your time is preventing you from stepping into your destiny. Visibility is the key to approval. You are only approved when you’re visible. Authority is the key to territory. To take over territory, you must use the key of authority.  Prayer and fasting is the key to both personal and general revival.



In the same way, honour is the key to Acceptance. Dishonour will always shut the door of acceptance against you. Dishonour is a key that locks your door of access and acceptance. Concerning David, the Bible says,  he behaved himself wisely before Saul. Part of that behaviour was his honour to Saul and that made him to be accepted. Not only that, Saul made him to be the head of men of war, 1 Sam 18:5.



  1. Favour
  2. Promotion
  3. Approval
  4. Credibility
  5. Protection
  6. Victory in your battles
  7. Covering
  8. Release of blessings and
  9. Honour



Honour means to value, esteem, celebrate, and reward excellence, usefulness, and greatness whereas dishonour means trivializing importance, usefulness, people, and values. Dishonour means to lightly esteem. The bible says in 2 Tim 2:20, there are vessels unto honour and to dishonour. They are vessels, but their attitude determines whether they will attract honour or disnour.

The bible at sundry times teaches that honour is needed for success and lifting. Honour starts by appreciating the fact that, that person has paid a price to command and acquire the kind of result he/she is getting.

You can’t manifest the grace you don’t honour. In addition, the grace you don’t honour can’t bless your life. The spiritual life is built on principles. Your life can’t automatically evolve into greatness as long as you keep despising both the physical and spiritual principles of life. You may pray and fast but in the absence of honour, doors will still be shut against you.

There are levels of anointing that are beyond guess work. Some successes are too apparent to be neglected. They must be honored. Some achievements are too visible to be a mistake. If you don’t honour men that deserve honour, your journey in life will be hard.

Always realize that there are wells of life you can’t dig by yourself. This is because you have limited time to do that. Some wells have already been dug, but with the use of honour as fetcher, you draw from them.



  1. Dishonour to God
  2. Dishonour to men
  3. Dishonour to principles.

When you dishonour whom you are meant to honour yo you will pay dearly for it. The day Nebuchadnezzar disnourned God, God taught him a lesson. Ham dishonoured his father Noah by exposing his nakedness he suffered for it. Reuben dishonoured his father by defiling his father’s bed, he was cursed for that. Gehazi dishonoured his master, he became the root of the generational curse in his lineage.

Anything you dishonour will diminish in your life. But whatever you honour grows. Dishonour is not only bad but it’s a sin. Dishonour is one major reason why many don’t rise.



  1. Honour is key to lifting and untold exploits in life. Without honour your being successful will end up becoming an illusion.
  2. Dishonour is not a light thing before God. It is an act of rebellion, therefore a grave sin in His sight.
  3. Honour is not just in words but in action and expression of character
  4. It takes to honour others to attract honour to your own life. What you don’t release, you can’t receive. The honour you don’t release you can’t receive.



  1. Commit to repent from all the ways you have dishonoured God, His principles and His works
  2. Commit to repent from the ways you have dishonoured your spiritual authorities, parents, and other honourable men God has brought along your way
  3. Commit yourself by the revelation of this message to honour God and His works in your hands starting from your present location by making sure nothing fails
  4. Commit to obeying spiritual orders with a cheerful heart at all cost



  1. O Lord I thank you for opening the truth of your word again to me
  2. I thank you Lord for I know it is your will that I rise and prosper in all that I do
  3. O Lord deliver me from every attitude of dishonour finding expression in my life
  4. O Lord break every yoke of pride in my life
  5. Help me O Lord to honour those you have placed as spiritual authorities over my life and others that deserves honour
  6. Lord Jesus cause me to walk away from the company of dishonorable men at every point in time
  7. O Lord cause all the benefits of honour to begin to find expression in my life.
  8. Holy Spirit, I understand that your ministers are your ambassadors on earth; therefore, give me the grace to honor them. Empower me to do whatever thing I have the capacity to minister to their needs.
  9. O Lord I pray that you give all your servants peace and joy so that they can continue to do your good works for humanity, and for your kingdom.