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Text: Acts 10:38-44, John 14:12, Daniel 11:32b , Joshua 1: 8


Power is the ability to control or influence people or a thing. This has been made available to all men in the form of the spirit in man.

The power of God, however, is the capacity or ability to achieve, perform and ultimately be in control according to the Spirit of God at work within us. To them who have been called His children, God has given them an extra, realized capacity to perform His will. He samples us with all that we need to accomplish what He is working out the power to do exploits.

According to our text, the power of God is available for every believer to access with the entry of the Holy Spirit.

“But you will receive power and ability when the Holy Spirit comes upon you…” Acts 1:8 (AMP)

Therefore, it isn’t enough that you’re born again. There needs to be an indwelling of the Holy Spirit on the inside of you to ooze out the power of God. As children of God, to unleash the supernatural dimension of God’s power, you need the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit of God helps activate God’s power and potential in you as believers.

The power of God gives the grace to achieve unusual results.

Exploit is a dimension of grace which fosters God’s ability in man towards the accomplishment of an extraordinary result.

That you are saved doesn’t mean you have the capacity to do certain things. You can be saved and sanctified but not empowered by the Holy Spirit to do exploits. Therefore, there is the need to thirst for the enduement of the Holy Spirit so as to do exploits for God.

But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth. Acts 1:8

How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him. And we are witnesses of all things which he did both in the land of the Jews, and in Jerusalem; whom they slew and hanged on a tree: Him God raised up the third day and showed him openly; Not to all the people, but unto witnesses chosen before God, even to us, who did eat and drink with him after he rose from the dead. And he commanded us to preach unto the people, and to testify that it is he which was ordained of God to be the Judge of quick and dead. To him give all the prophets witness, that through his name whosoever believeth in him shall receive remission of sins. While Peter yet spake these words, the Holy Ghost fell on all them which heard the word.

Even Apostle Peter who was a close disciple of Jesus Christ was limited in ministry and couldn’t do certain things, until he was baptized in the Holy Ghost. Act 4:8.

Joel 2:28 says, “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see vision. These will come to pass, if only we thirst for it”

To do greater works, to live a fulfilling life for God, the power of God is needed and this is only made available when the Spirit of God is at work within you.

Secret of exploit from the life of Jesus.

There are always very interesting success secrets you can always pick up from the life of Jesus.

A secret of greater exploit: Jesus received and gave out. This is Jesus’ statement below:

NKJV Bible. John 17:8: “For I have given to them the words which You have given Me, and they have received them, and have known surely that I came forth from You, and they have believed that You sent Me.”

Jesus received words from the Father and then ensured He gave them out to the people. It looks simple but most people don’t go through this lane.

Secret of greater exploit: Position yourself to receive

You can’t give out unless you have first received it. Jesus always positioned Himself to receive from the Father during His ministry on the earth. You must learn to do the same so that you can also be in a position to receive from God the word or words you will give out to your generation.

What word or command or instruction or idea or revelation have you received?

Jesus said the Word He received, the same He declared. Your declaration is not authentic and won’t push you towards manifestation on this earth unless it is according to a word that has been given from above.

You need to set a quality time with God to give you a word over that troubling issue if you have not received any before on it? You can also receive a word from God on your destiny and purpose in God.

Secret of greater exploit: Give out what you receive

When you receive it, you should ensure it becomes your declaration. Confession and declaration are about the first manifestation reaction you apply to a received word.

Jesus was always declaring the words He received to the people. He was bold to tell the Father this as we quoted from the Bible passage above.

You should ensure you don’t leave this earth without giving out what you have received from God. When you do this consistently, the greater exploit will always be your lot on this earth.

Understanding The Principle Of  Vision, Integrity, And Skilfulness In Making Exploit

  1. Knowing the vision
  2. Knowing the will of God
  3. You must serve (service).

I want us to examine these two Bible passages: Acts 26:19 and Acts 13:36. In Acts 26:19, the Bible says: “Therefore, King Agrippa, I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision.” Acts 13:36 says as well: “For David, after he had served his own generation by the will of God, fell asleep.” One of the things I want us to note from the two Scriptures we read above is that there is a heavenly vision and there is a factor called obedience. For the fact that the heavenly vision is not recognized, does not mean there is no heavenly vision and whatever will activate the heavenly vision is your obedience.

Obedience here is talking about your willingness to accept the heavenly vision. Not all visions are from heaven, and not all good ideas is a God idea. Now this is a statement of purpose. Apostle Paul was aware of the purpose of heaven, there was a plan heaven has for a generation communicated to him through an encounter. So for every time you accept a heavenly vision which is your purpose, it gives you a voice that compels people to listen to you. This is an irrefutable law of the kingdom.

When the heavenly vision or purpose is communicated to a man, it is now left for the man to accept that which heaven has called him to achieve in a particular point in time or not. So he made that statement; I am not standing before you because I am a criminal, or because I choose to be on the bad books of the Jews. As a matter of fact, if I had disobeyed the heavenly vision, I won’t be standing before you today, I would have been on the side of the Jews. But the heavenly vision has done something to me that even I myself I can’t understand.

If you must make an impact in any generation you must recognize that there is a heavenly vision, and you must be willing to accept that vision. It doesn’t matter how much criticisms or how much shame it will cost you; it may even endanger your life;  but never because of that disobey the heavenly vision, because inherent in that vision, carries a far weight of glory only if you can obey to the end.

Another thing I want us to note from that verse in Acts 13:36 is that David served his own generation by the will of God. So before David died, he served, he did not just serve but he served his own generation; you may also say he was a voice in his own generation, not another generation, not the generation that came before him or the generation behind him. It was his own generation. If you must make impact and influence or Exploit you must know what the heavenly vision is, then you must by the knowledge of that vision serve your generation; not to lord it over them but to serve them. It’s your own generation. And as you serve them it should be in the will of God. A lot people want to make Exploit but they don’t know, they are not aware, they are completely ignorant of what the will of God is for them per time how will you know if you not discerning, how will you know if you are not willing to pay the price the process requires. You must serve.

I pray that the power to do exploits shall be bestowed on us in Jesus name.


  1. Father, I thank you for your mercies and loving-kindness over my life.
  2. Father, I come before you in repentance and ask for your mercy over my life in Jesus name.
  3. Father release the anointing that causes people to do great exploits that shakes the earth to come upon me, in Jesus name.
  4. Father make my exploits to cause impacts in the kingdom and my generation in Jesus name.
  5. Father let the anointing for an unusual exploit come upon me, in Jesus name.
  6. May the anointing that will make me to call things that be not as though they were come upon me now, in Jesus name (Rom 4:17).
  7. Father anoint me with the power of greater exploits for your kingdom in Jesus name.
  8. Father destroy every force that cause evil plan, devices and wicked schemes of the enemies against my exploits in Jesus name.
  9. Father frustrates, confuses, destabilises, paralyses, breaks, shatters, impedes, destroy, uproot all negative evil counsels of the physical and spiritual enemies of  my exploits in Jesus name.
  10. Father thank you for answered prayers in Jesus name Amen.