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Evil Projections are often associated with arrows and the idea of arrows. They are usually shot by an unseen or unnoticed sender and it often travels through a demonic guided path that was well studied and mapped out in order to hit the expected target. Sometimes they can be released randomly without any particular target and it strikes a prayerless person.

Evil projections are so deadly that they often result to death in a manner that in a twinkle of an eye a person is cut off and people will begin to wonder, complicated health issues and in a moment they are hospitalized or bedridden, or a once successful person suddenly loses his job, businesses, contracts, happy home, loved ones and many more. Evil projectors keep their victims in torment and in loss.


SCRIPTURES: Psalm 21:11, Psalm 140: 8, Proverbs 6:14, Isaiah 32:7; Proverbs 24:8, Micah 2: 1, Job 5:12, Psalm 10:2, Proverbs 6:18.



  1. Major changes in behaviour for no reason.
  2. Affliction and Torments.
  3. Costly Mistakes and Decisions.
  4. Sudden loss of energy.
  5. illnesses that elude diagnosis or cannot be explained.
  6. Sudden or irrational difficulties with finances or relationships.
  7. Sudden depression without an apparent cause
  8. Strange or recurring accidents.
  9. A loss of self-confidence
  10. Strange character and negative attitude
  11. A loss of memory
  12. Negative results in as much as there are possibilities of Positive Results.



  1. Envy
  2. Jealousy
  3. Desire to torment
  4. Prayerlessness
  5. Insecurity.
  6. Inferiority feelings.
  7. Fear of unknown.
  8. Perception problems.



  1. Death
  2. Backwardness
  3. Demonic interference
  4. Stagnancy
  5. Bitterness
  6. Poverty
  7. Fears and worries
  8. Chronic illness
  9. Confusion and frustration
  10. Rejection



  1. Confess your sins and dedicate/rededicate your life to God.
  2. Identify the signs and areas of your life affected and reject all evil deposits and anointing in your life.
  3. Through prayers and divine assistance bind the strongman. Isaiah 44:25
  4. Totally surrender yourself to God and engage the angelic hosts to police you and your environment.



1) Father I thank you for you are always there for me when I call.

2) Father I bless your name for reaching out to me at this time to save me

3) Thank you my redeemer for not allowing the enterprise of the wicked to achieve its purpose.

4) Father today I reject evil projections from landing on any area of my life.

5) I rebuke the path of evil projections set over my heavens in the name of Jesus.amen.

6) Lord I decree my days are in your hands, let the arrow of the enemy backfire on them in the name of Jesus. Amen.

7) Whether in the day or in the night I reject evil projections in the name of Jesus. Amen.

8) I hereby renew the protective hedge of fire of the Holy Spirit over me and all that concerns me in Jesus name.

9) Let the blood of Jesus answer to every evil call of the evil schemer in Jesus name.

10) I declare that I am a danger zone to the wicked and their cohorts in Jesus name.

Psalm 144: 5-6 “5 Bow down Your heavens, O LORD, and come down; Touch the mountains, and they shall smoke. 6  Cast forth lightning, and scatter them:  shoot out thine arrows, and destroy them.” (NKJV)

1) Bow the heavens Oh Lord and discover their hidden places and gathering in the name of Jesus. Amen.

2) Cast forth your lightening O Lord and utterly consume the devices of evil schemers in Jesus name.

3) As they have poised their arrows against the innocent, Oh Lord Fire your arrows against them in the name of Jesus. Amen.

4) Let destruction come upon the evil projectors unawares in the name of Jesus. Amen.

5) My spirit man reject every witchcraft call, in the name of Jesus.

Job 5:12 “He frustrates the devices of the crafty, So that their hands cannot carry out their plans.” (NKJV)

1) I frustrate every evil projectors exchange of my virtues, in the name of Jesus.

2). I deliver my soul from every bewitchment of destiny manipulators in the name of Jesus.

3) Every spell and enchantment, programmed against me by my enemies be destroyed, in the name of Jesus.

4)  Arrows of evil projectors, gather yourself together and backfire, in Jesus name.

5) Every agenda of the enemy for my life through evil projections, your time is up, therefore die by fire, in the name of Jesus.

Nahum 1:9  “What do ye imagine against the LORD? he will make an utter end: affliction shall not rise up the second time.” (NKJV)

1) Father I believe your word, you will make an utter end of evil projections and it not come back a second time.

2) I receive the recovery of my health in the name of Jesus. Amen.

3) I receive a total deliverance from any arrow of the enemy fixed on any area of my life in the name of Jesus. Amen.

4) Today I declare I am free from evil Projections in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Thank you Father For setting me free in Jesus name. Amen.