Gen 42:1-2 says;

“Now when Jacob saw that there was corn in Egypt, Jacob said unto his sons, Why do ye look one upon another? And he said, Behold, I have heard that there is corn in Egypt: get you down thither, and buy for us from thence; that we may live, and not die.”

My prayer for you is that your “corn” (provision) shall not be located in Egypt.

Egypt speaks of bondage, slavery, and hardship. Egypt is an organized system of slavery for the devil. It was because of the corn that was found in Egypt that made Jacob to go down to Egypt. Please get this, they went to Egypt because of corn, but in the process of enjoying the corn, they ended up becoming slaves there for 430years.

The Egyptian “corn” leads to slavery. They were hedged at the corner of lack. Not knowing what to do, almost dying before the news that there was corn in Egypt. Many people have stepped their feet into bondage because of lack.

Some have signed dangerous contracts because of the level of frustration that came through lack in their lives. Some have approved a particular lifestyle because of lack.

The supply of the corn lasted just for seven years according to the dream interpretation given by Joseph, whereas their slavery lasted for 430years, you can’t compare 7years of “enjoyment” to 430years of slavery and terrible affliction.



This strategy of the devil is still invoke even now. The formulae has not changed. Whenever the devil wants to enslave people, he will locate what they need in “Egypt” in order for them to go there and be enslaved. When one is in lack, going down to Egypt will become an option. When he sees that you are in desperate need of a husband, he will prepare one in Egypt. When he sees that you’re in need of a job, he will make one available in Egypt. What is his intention? It is for you to become his slave period. That husband or job is an “Egyptian Corn” the devil has prepared to use and lure you down to Egypt.

The enemy will not tell you what you will lose in the quest of pursuing after “Egyptian corn”

  • May you not be frustrated to the point of considering “Egyptian corn” in the name of Jesus.

When one has suffered in the hands of his landlord and money is not forthcoming, he can endanger his integrity and soil his hands just to get that money. That is an Egyptian corn. A lady that says yes to that sexual affair as a means of making a man marry her has just accepted Egyptian corn.

  • I pray for you again, may the Lord blind your eyes to every corn coming from Egypt.

O yes, you will not see it let alone considering it.


If they had had enough there would be no need of going down to Egypt. Jacob and his children were in serious lack until they were told that there was corn in Egypt. He went to Egypt in pursuit of corn not knowing that Egyptian corn is a gateway to slavery

  • Today I pray for you, may the Lord supply every single thing you needed that would have become the reason for going to “Egypt”

When your needs are met, the enemy will not have a chance of confusing you with his “corn”. The more you have, the more you stand the chance to reject satanic offers.

Satan’s “corn” is temporarily sweet, but permanently bitter.

No man can become truly great by feeding on the provision the enemy supplies. It will just make you rich for a season but will permanently damage your integrity, reputation and even take your life if care is not taken

I said it before now am repeating it, “the corn that took them to Egypt lasted for just 7yrs but the slavery they finally entered lasted 430yrs, can you see the wickedness of the devil?

Some sisters that ended up in the wrong marriage today entered because of the “Egyptian corn” they enjoyed before that marriage. Now they have found themselves in that marriage, the experience has changed, it is now bitter. “How can you compare 6 months of “Shoprite relationship” to 10 years of wilderness marriage”?  That is the devil for you.

The guy will promise you heaven and earth just to have you get married to him. You know that he is not a believer, but the “corn” you are enjoying will not allow you to make the right decision until you finally enter. Be wise

The reason why so many pastors that started well end up polluting their oil is because of lack. That was when they started using gimmicks to extort money from their members. Lack made them start seeing their sheep as food. I pray for you from my heart, may you have more than enough.



You won’t serve God in truth and live in lack. It is not a marker of spirituality. Prosperity is the will of God for His children. Whether is lack of money, relationship, marriage partner, etc… Whatever lack that the enemy wants to use to frustrate your life to the point of going down to Egypt, today I provoke supernatural supply upon your life and destiny in the name of Jesus.

Hear me, you will not go down to Egypt, yet you will be supernaturally satisfied

See, the Lord said, silver and gold belongs to Him.  Silver and gold are not needed in heaven, it is on this earth that is needed. God doesn’t need prosperity, it is reserved for God’s children.

Psalm 35:27 made us to understand that the Lord takes pleasure in the prosperity of His children. They came in the days of Jesus to harass him because of money, without wasting any time withdrew money from His bank (the fish) and settled them. Jesus never lived in lack, so why should you?

It would have been disgraceful if He was unable to pay that tax. They couldn’t disgrace Him because He had enough. He paid the money instantly. Let what you need to settle your need be made available even before the need comes in the name of Jesus

One of the major ways through which the enemy enslaves people is through lack. May the Lord supply your needs according to His riches in glory

May the Lord give you enough. You shall lend, you shall not borrow. Your cup shall run over according to His word.

Let God give you the wealth that will bring people into the kingdom

The enemy wants you to spend the whole of your time in pursuit of material things so that you will be distracted from following God.

The devil will not disgrace you because of that house rent. Your pursuit for God will not be cajoled because of your inability to meet up with your basic needs

You shall have enough to meet up with your need. Lack will not distract you from following hard after God.



Jesus said to them, “give to God what belongs to God and give to Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser.” So Jesus recognized that you should as well settle Ceaser too as you give unto God. Ceaser is that increase in house rent, it is that school fees, it is that demands from your parents. These are Ceasers you must as well settle.

So as you give unto God, have it in mind that Ceaser will come to demand his, and you must give him. Jesus said, “give unto Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser” He didn’t tell you to fight Ceaser rather settle Ceaser.  So pray to God that you will have enough to settle Ceaser when he comes with his own list and not to quarrel.

When you have enough you won’t quarrel with “Ceaser”. Just because your parents ask you for money unexpectedly, you started quarreling with them. No sir, they are not the problem, the real enemy is lack.

Jesus said, give unto Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser, not quarrel Ceaser. So as you serve God, go for programs, and pray in tongues, remember that children’s school fees may be increased- that is Ceaser giving you his own list.

Ceaser does not understand prayer, what Ceaser understands is money. Jesus said that with respect to money/dues. Your parents can’t call you for money, and you will tell them that you’re praying for them. If you don’t settle Ceaser, you won’t serve God peacefully. You need to hear that.

The bible says, you are worst than an infidel if you can’t feed your family. If your speaking in tongues is not meeting the needs of your family, then the enemy is on your case.

Your wife and children won’t eat prayer points. As much as you will pray for them, you are as well expected to provide for them if not, one day, you will discover that they have gone down to Egypt in search of what you have refused to give to them. No matter how spiritual your marriage may seem to be, have it in mind, that in the absence of finance romance will collapse

Let everything you needed to settle Ceaser’s bill be made available for you. As Ceaser comes with his list, you will have enough to settle him.

When the Ceaser of your parents comes with their needs, you will settle it. When the Ceaser of rent and accommodation comes, you will settle him, when the Ceaser of school fees comes, you will settle it, when the Ceaser of security and water bill comes, you will settle it. When the Ceaser of change of wardrobe comes, you will settle it. When the Ceaser of hospital visitation comes you will settle it. When the Ceaser of change of car or car repair comes, you will settle it in the name of Jesus.

The reason why people quarrel with their “Ceasers” is simply because they lack what is needed to settle Ceaser. So they now use quarrel as a defensive mechanism. Jesus knew that surely, Ceaser will come and you must settle his own bill. The presence of these Ceasers have made many develop sudden high bp, it has made some use lies as an escape route, but today, there shall be a positive turnaround in your life in the name of Jesus

Just because you heard that landlord is around, your heart will enter your belly… It shall not be so again in the name of Jesus. I pray for a supernatural supply upon your life today. From today henceforth, you’re living above lack.



  1. O Lord I thank you for the provisions you have made available for my life
  2. I thank you, Lord for I know that according to your word, my life shall flourish like a palm tree
  3. In the name of Jesus, I receive the grace to always reject satanic offers.
  4. Let every lack that will make me to compromise my faith be met now in the name of Jesus.
  5. I thwart every arrangement already made for me by the devil to get down to Egypt in the name of Jesus
  6. I disconnect my life from every foundational spirit of lack operating in my lineage
  7. In the name of Jesus, I declare that the Lord shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory in Jesus name.
  8. In the name of Jesus declare that I shall not be a victim of the “Egyptian corn”
  9. I declare that every need that wants to put me to shame is met now in the name of Jesus