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Affliction is a frequent experience common to all humans as a result of their ignorance and carelessness. Affliction comes to plague your divine purpose and progress. Affliction comes as a plague but your attitude towards it determines if it will invade your life or not. The Bible says “give no room to the devil, and also resist the devil and he will flee from you (James 4:7). There are things as a child of God that you should desist from doing; there should be a difference because you are an Ambassador of the Kingdom of God. Affliction can only come to you when you associate or mingle with things/people you should have nothing in common with.  Affliction is very deadly and dangerous. Sickness, lack/poverty, stagnancy, demotion, etc are examples of affliction in people’s life. The enemy uses it to destabilize you and it will also bring constant chaos to your life and family.

Beloved, the good news is that our Heavenly Father is able and mighty to deliver us from them all in Jesus Name amen. (Psalm 34:19).


Psalm 34:19, Proverbs 15:15, Philippians 4:6, 2Corinthians 4:17, Psalm 34 :19-20, 2Peter 2:24, Ephesians 5:20, 2Corinthians 4:8-9, 2Corinthians 1:6-7, Lamentation 1:3, Exodus 1:11


  1. Sickness/health challenges
  2. Constant death in the family
  3. Fruitless effort/labour
  4. Barrenness
  5. Setback
  6. Dullness/poor academic performance
  7. Failure
  8. Marital turbulence
  9. Disappointment in marriage, business, etc
  10. Lack of interest in the things of God



  1. Sin
  2. Ignorance: This is a situation where people make use of what you have but have no knowledge of, to exploit you or when one does things unknowingly and still is not teachable or ready to learn.
  3. Faulty foundation
  4. Greed eg Gehazi (2 Kings 5:20)
  5. Careless with your life and destiny. (Genesis 34:1-2, 2 Samuel 13:1-20).
  6. Careless with what you eat, the places you visit/go, what you say, etc.
  7. Association/company you keep
  8. Glutton (Genesis 25:29-34)
  9. Spiritual and physical exploitation (Exodus 1:11).



  1. Backwardness
  2. Failure
  3. Hopelessness
  4. Faithlessness
  5. Negative/bad thought
  6. Suicide tendencies
  7. Blame and despise God
  8. Sudden/premature death
  9. Depression
  10. Anger
  11. Instability
  12. Joblessness
  13. Insecurity



  1. You must rise and eject affliction permanently out of your life and lineage.
  2. You must rise and turn a new leaf that is, repent from your evil ways, seek God first and every other thing shall follow you. (Matthew 6:33)
  3. You must always walk in the light. This means that you must consciously seek God, to obey His laws and decrees. Walking in the light entails engaging in the Word of God, let His Word find expression in you. God is light and in Him there is no darkness. Allow the Holy Spirit of God to lead and guide you.
  4. Always pray and ask God to create a desire and hunger in your heart for Him alone.



  1. Lord, I worship and exalt your holy Name for you alone deserve the glory.
  2. Thank you Lord Jesus for the gift of life, thank you for the divine provision, thank you for all your wonderful works upon my life and family.
  3. I plead that you forgive me oh Lord in any way I have sinned and fallen short of your glory (Romans 11:23)
  4. Let your mercy oh Lord, prevail over my life and family as I pray today in Jesus name amen.
  5. According to your word oh Lord, have mercy on me for I am lonely and afflicted (Psalm 25:18).
  6. Every ancestral spirit of affliction rising up against me from my father’s house or mother’s house, I pull you down in Jesus name amen.
  7. Every power programming affliction in my life, marriage, finances, business, go back to your sender in Jesus name amen.
  8. Every spirit of affliction holding me down in one spot, causing me pain, sorrow, or tears, I destroy you by fire in the name of Jesus amen.
  9. My Father, let the arrow of affliction fired into my life, be diverted back on the head of my enemies, in the name of Jesus.
  10. Thou spirit of affliction that has sentenced my life to penury, poverty, and hardship and sorrow, your time is up, be destroyed by the fire of the Holy Ghost.
  11. Thank you, Lord Jesus for the victory you have given me to fight this battle.
  12. I bless your Holy Name for I know this affliction will never rise again in my life and family in Jesus Precious name I pray amen (Nahum 1:9).


PSALM 25:18 “Look on my affliction and my pain, And forgive all my sins” (NKJV).

  1. Lord Jesus, in your mercy blot out from me every sin or act of ignorance that may have resulted to my afflictions in Jesus Name Amen.
  2. Oh God, let the blood of Jesus cleanse my bloodline, lineage, and generation, wash away every filth in my father’s house and mother’s house causing affliction in Jesus name.
  3. I ask for the virtue of self-control to be fully aligned into the path of righteousness and be led out of all evil in Jesus name.
  4. I retrace my steps from every careless living, careless conversation, careless eating and drinking and careless association that has brought afflictions upon my life in Jesus name.

NAHUM 1:9 “What do you conspire against the Lord? He will make an utter end of it. Affliction will not rise up a second time.” (NKJV).

  1. Oh you ancient gate of affliction be thou lifted up in the mighty name of Jesus.
  2. You spirit of affliction I command you in the name that is above every other name to cease your operations in my life and lineage in Jesus name.
  3. Every affliction of sickness, lack, poverty, stagnancy, barrenness, demotion, hopelessness, confusion, backwardness that has been plaguing my household be consumed by fire in Jesus name.
  4. God of vengeance arise and avenge every activity of those exploiting my life negatively, bringing shame and sorrow on my way in the name of Jesus Christ amen.
  5. Oh God of war let your standard be raised against the wicked spirit of affliction that has been tagged to my life and family in Jesus name amen.

PSALM 34:19 “Many are the afflictions of the righteous; But the Lord delivers him out of them all” (NKJV).

  1. According to your Word oh God, I am delivered from every affliction of the enemy and I am lifted above all struggle that has destabilized my life and family in Jesus name amen.
  2. I decree and declare that every affliction and struggle I see today, I shall see them no more in the Name of Jesus.
  3. I reiterate by the power in the Name of Jesus that my life is secured, my destiny is secured, my family and loved ones are secured therefore no harm shall overtake us for the Spirit of the Lord is upon us amen.
  4. Heavenly Father, I return all the glory to you for the victory you have granted unto me today and it shall remain permanent in Jesus name amen.