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Daniel was a man with an excellent spirit, he did everything committed in his hands excellently. To excel in life, you have to be diligent and focused in what you are doing, you have to be upright and honest, faithful, and straight forward. These were the attributes that made Daniel excel during his lifetime, he was able to serve about three kings, and yet he scaled through and he was always at top and ahead of his colleagues. If you are cunning or crafty in your place of work, your relationship with people etc, you are heading to your downfall.

Ephesians 6:11-18, 2Timothy 1:7, Hosea 4:6, Daniel 3:1-30, 6:1-28, 2Corinthians 10:3-6, Galatians 5:16-26, Psalm 91, 121, 2Timothy 2:3-5.

1. FEAR: Fear comes to make us shift grounds, stagger, and shiver, or stop advancing against the enemy in one way or the other. Fear is a spirit sent to steal our peace but remember that the Spirit God gave us does not make us to fear…(2Timothy 1:7). Fear is an arrow shot against us from our adversary to stop our spiritual advancement, doubt God for what He can do or who He is and then open us up to sin against God through disobedience.
2. SIN: Sin is an enemy to excellence, it is disastrous to mingle with profane things ie things you are meant to stay away from, when you play with fire the fire will surely consume you. There are many good examples in the Bible. Saul- sin of disobedience (1Samuel 15:10), Samson-Immorality (Judges 16:1-31), Solomon-Idolatry and disobedience (1Kings 11:1-13)etc.
3. IGNORANCE: Ignorant of the Word of God and the power therein, ignorant of your authority as a child of God… My people perish because they lack knowledge… (Hosea 4:6). Constant reading and studying the Word of God will make the spirit and power in the Word to enter you and you will be firm and bold.

1. PURPOSE: Daniel was a man of purpose, he understood where he came from, where he is (foreign land) and where he is heading to. He had this mindset that he was in a foreign land, and kings eat food sacrificed to idols so he purposed in his heart not to defile himself with such,(Daniel 1:8) not minding how tasteful and rich the food might be but maintained a strong conviction of what he had being taught since his youth and he choose to remain faithful to God (2Timothy 3:12-17). Finding your purpose in life will go a long way to help you in dealing with life challenges, battles etc. It will also make you to be conscious of your lifestyle.

2. BE COMMITTED IN YOUR CONVICTIONS: Your conviction in life will make you to be committed in what you are doing. Daniel was convinced in his heart that he can’t defile himself, neither will he soil his hands in anything royalty in a foreign land because he knew what was written about relating with foreigners… As he was convinced in his heart, he also confessed it and it helped him to overcome (Revelation 12:11).

3. SELF CONTROL: Daniel had self control over his appetite. Overcoming appetite was crucial that Christ fasted for forty days and nights in order to conquer it. Those who live to satisfy the desires of the flesh becomes a slave to it and they will never live a good Christian life (Galatians 5:16).

4. LIVE IN PEACE WITH ALL MEN: Daniel had the grace of genuine meekness, he doesn’t take laws in his hands, he was courteous and respectful in his dealing with the Babylonians etc. As you sought to live in peace with all men, you are to be firm and true so you won’t compromise in your principles regarding to your believe in God, just like Daniel nothing was found to pin him down or to be used against him except concerning the law of his God. (Daniel 6:1-28).

5. BE COURAGEOUS AND CONSISTENT: It takes courage and consistency in character and integrity for a man not to deviate from God in a flash of honour and glory. Courage and consistency makes one to be firm in the actions and decisions he takes in life, it will make him to yield more to God, and wait on Him in full dependence for His direction and leading.

6. TOTAL TRUST AND CONFIDENCE IN GOD: In Daniel 6:1-28, it shows Daniel’s total trust and confidence in God. When you know that you are on the right path, you are upright and honest, you don’t need to shiver, because the Bible says, for those that knows their God shall be strong and do exploit (Daniel 11:32b). Another example of this was the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, the three Jews that were thrown into burning fiery furnace (Daniel 3:1-30).

He who fails to plan has planned to fail. As an Army/Soldier of Christ you need to be ready and prepared for battle at all time.
1. Constant dwelling in the secret place (Psalm 91:1).
2. Humble yourself before the Lord and He will lift you up. (Job 22:29, James 4:6, 1Peter 5:6).
3. Put on the whole Armour of God and be ready for war. (Ephesians 6:11-18).
4. Pray to God, so He will endow you with the spirit of excellence.

1. Thank you Father because I am alive today.
2. I plead that your mercy oh Lord prevail in my life and family as I make this prayer in Jesus name amen.
3. Father I thank you for revealing the truth to me.
4. Let every scale covering my spiritual eyes and ears fall down now by the power of the Holy Ghost.
5. Let every veil covering my spiritual realm catch fire now in the Name of Jesus amen.
6. Holy Spirit teach me the mysteries of the spiritual realm that I will become a spiritual champion.
7. Pour upon me Holy Spirit, the spirit and power to pray in Jesus name amen.
8. I announce that the power for warfare and victory have been given to me and nothing shall by any means hurt me in Jesus name amen (Luke 10:19).
EPHESIANS 6:12 “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places” (NKJV).
1. I submit my life, my family, my marriage, career, finance, my business at your feet, I humble myself before you completely. I invite you King of kings to come fight this battle. (James 4:6).
2. I ask for the grace of God to exercise the authority given me to trample upon snakes and scorpions and they shall not hurt me in Jesus name amen.
3. I fortify myself with the word of God to wrestle against principalities, powers and rulers of the darkness of this age, and I decree I shall not be ignorant of the power in the Word.
4. I declare that I am God’s battle axe and weapons of war, and no power shall be able to oppose my warfare in Jesus Name. Amen (Isaiah 51:20)

2TIMOTHY 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind”. (NKJV)
1. I take charge of my spiritual gates and I ask for fresh fire to fall upon the altars of my life in Jesus name amen.
2. You spirit of fear, you are not of God so I reject you today. The thought of God is of good and not evil, I reject and denounce you today. Therefore loose your grip off my mind in Jesus name amen.
3. With chains of fire I bind you spirit of fear and I cast you out permanently from my life, my family, my ministry etc in Jesus name amen.
4. Every personality invoking fear and terror in my life and family be cut off in Jesus name amen.
5. Any bondage I have been subjected to through the influence of the spirit of fear, be broken, destroyed and nullified in Jesus name amen.

DANIEL 5:12 “Inasmuch as an excellent spirit, knowledge, understanding, interpreting dreams, solving riddles, and explaining enigmas a were found in this Daniel, whom the king named Belteshazzar, now let Daniel be called, and he will give the interpretation.” (NKJV)
1. I decree and declare that I am a vessel unto honour endowed with spiritual gifts to do exploits for the Lord in Jesus name amen.
2. I command a complete halt to the operations of demons waring against my spiritual growth in the name of Jesus (Ephesians 6:11)
3. Almighty God, as you endowed Daniel with an excellent spirit and he was able to perfectly carry out his duties, I ask oh merciful Father that you endow me with such spirit that my ways will be perfect and I will be in favor with You(God) and man in Jesus name amen.
4. I refuse to be an instrument in the hands of the enemy but rather let me be possessed with the Spirit of God that I may do exploit in Jesus name amen.

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