VALUE – 24TH JUNE 2020




Durant illustrates that life has many bends and twists. If we let circumstances dictate our emotions, we will be depressed and distressed.


  1. “Know it all”. I really know nothing. Paul tells the young preacher that false teachers pretend to be wise but, in actuality, are very foolish. 1Tim. 6-7
  • “Know it all” are more interested in argument than godliness. Paul admonishes Timothy that it is unhealthy to promote controversies. 1Tim. 1:4
  • The goal of godliness is goodness, not gold. Pastors must understand that contentment with what God has given us in demanded by our Lord. 1Tim. 3:8
  • Money is to be used, not worshiped. Paul sadly recounts that many have destroyed themselves by pursuing money rather than God. 1Tim. 6:10
  • Our goals should be very clear. Paul specifically outlines what these goals are to be; righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness. 1Tim 6:11


Help me, Lord, to remember that all of us are called to reflect the nature of our Lord and to function in His church. How we act and react reflects who we love.

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