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When pursed by one in the dreams, it means ancestral and witchcraft powers are after you. If masquerades flog you in the dream, it suggests affliction. If you kill a masquerade in the dream, it suggests victory over attack, hope to fight one in the dream portends spiritual warfare of liberation from ancestral powers.

When you find yourself queue before one in the dream, it means you are dedicated to idolatry, prayerfully break the evil connection. If a masquerade overpowers you in the dream it is portends (a sign) disasters if you dance with masquerade in the dream, it is a portends (sign) backsliding ancestral connection and prayerlessness 2cor 11:14


When referred to as slave in the dream, it is a sign you are used in the dark world.


To be imprisoned in the dream forecasts Satanic captivity, rejection in the physical and likelihood of poverty Acts 12:4


To interpret, we need to correlate detail of water weather and location involved.

To swim in a pool in the dream portends church, home God’s blessings.

To swim in a dirty pool portends corruption, to backslide

Swimming forward the shore in the dream portends security and victory

To teach someone how to swim, forecast an increase in material wealth

If you observe others swim in the dream, it is a sign of goodluck in love if they were females, if the swimmers are male, expect good luck in business. If both were observed swimming expect mixed fortune.

If you swim in the midst of strange faces in the dream is a sign of marine connection.

To swim across a river successfully portends victory

To sink as you swim in the dream portends defeator business failure

To swim in a suit in the dream suggests an upcoming social embarrassment or disappointment.

In general, swimming is spiritual and involves to serve God, worship operate in the gift of the spirit.

Ezekiel       47:5, Eph 3:8, Isaiah 41:18 Jer 50:38


In the spirit money portends power, wealth, spiritual riches, authority, strength natural talent, and provision. The meaning of money in a dream is as variable as its meaning in conscious life.

To loose money in the dream it portends attack on your finance. If you see someone that stole your money in the dream it portend wasters at the corridor of breakthrough. To withdraw money from your account without reason in the dream, connotes upcoming financial loss, leakage, persistent complain financial problem and anti-breakthrough arrows.


The significance to this dream depend on action and what were involved. To be chased by a dog in the dream portends sexual embarrassment and confusion.

To be chased and bitten by snake in the dream portends household wickedness, spirit of fear, and or untimely death.

To be chased by cat in the dream suggest witchcraft attack, confusion and delay in life.

To be chased by cow, masquerade, madman etc in the dream forecast witchcraft powers at work against your destiny, arrow of miscarriage for pregnant women, confusion and afflictions.

To be chased in the dream by strange fellow with dangerous weapon suggest arrow of death, confusion backwardness and sorrow in the offing

If you do the chasing in the dream in the dream and overcome, it suggest victory over enemies. Psalms 33:20



For a married woman to dream of changing her sex portends unexpected honour or success in the family. It may be through political position or unexpected rise in financial status.

If a girl sees herself in a man’s outfit it portends opposite sex may avoid you in real life, thereby leads to delay in marriage.

For a man to see himself in opposite sex form in the dream portends sexual inadequacy.

To have sex in the dream portends loss of virtues, impotency, miscarriage, worthless life.

To have sex with animals in the dream portends strong seduction, flesh and lust.

To see diseased or deformed sex organ portends miscarriage, witchcraft attack.

To expose your sex organs in the dream, portends fall in reputation. 1corinthians 6:15, Exodus 22:16, Jeremiah 7:9, Isaiah 3:17


This is an obstacle and a dream of bad omen which includes deep calamity burial, death hinderance, sorrow and presence of dark powers. To fall into a pit in the dream suggests hinderance difficulties, bondage, agony, breakdown, in business or calling, captivity

To  fearfully gaze at a very deep pit in the dream suggests arrow of death at hand, strong confusion.

Unable to come out of one in the dream portends spiritual captivity and physical delay in progress.

To dig one in the dream portends wasted efforts and or hinderance.

Entering and coming out repeatedly of one in the dream suggest captivity, vain pursuits. Your spirit entered it during the day (captivity) and comes out at night pursuing nothing (vagabond spirit). You were kept spiritually all day long doing nothing, only to be released at night to actualized zero pursuits (failure) Job 33:18, Psalm 7:15, Psalm 9:15 Prov 26:27


Flying in the dream can be interpreted in three ways, Godly, witchcraft and ambition. To always find yourself develop wings and fly or do the flying, without presence of attack, suggests you are a witch, check each time and days you fly, where you fly to, the set of people you meet may give accurate conclusion.

To meet strange faces and involve in doing havoc or eat with them anytime you fly in the dream, concludes you are a witch.

To dream of flying as you come across obstacles or attacks suggests deliverance from troubles of lives divine intervene and victory.

To dream of flying and carrying out divine instructions foretells that the spirit of God transports your human spirit for spiritual mission.

To dream of flying high above creatures like forestry, creatures, mountains, valleys, clouds etc to a place of rest and comforts suggest you shall receive God’s plan for your destiny

To struggle before you reach a high attitude foretells you are pursuing what may be difficult to achieve.

To dream of successfully flying high without stress foretells you can achieve your goal without much difficulty.

To dream of flying steadily but drop down connotes short or aborted victory in whatever you are pursuing for now. Bind the powers trying to abort the journey of your life. Obadiah 1:7


To dream of failure an examination in the dream foretells biting more than you can chew. The ambition you are presently pursuing is beyond your ability. It is better you do a rethink of a change of goal or objective. Psalms 11:4

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