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Address: Iva-Valley Road after New Market Enugu, Nigeria.

This is the headquarters of the ministry, it is located at a hilly terrain in the Milken Hills Enugu State, and extends down to the plains of Iva-Valley, in Enugu North Local Government Area. Revival City International Christian Retreat and Conference Center is the location that housed all the ministry facilities and building blocks. It has three major land setting.






The prayer camp is hilly land mass with the altitude of about 600 feet above ground level. In this location are different places of prayer and quite time points. There are about 21 (Twenty One) Bible Based named ALTARS in the prayer camp. While in the prayer camp one can access the famous former Enugu-Onitsha Express-way road known as the Milken hills road. The prayer camp is a place to be for quite time and personal, family or church retreat and Prayers. In the prayer camp are structures and building blocks of the ministry such as the library, the house of ministers, the House of Prayer and The house of Studies.



The table Mountain lies at the mid-level of the Hill in Revival City. There are about 8 Portals of Prayer carved out on the table mountain; with a hall of 200-250 sitting capacity known as the House of Intercession raised and built also at a height which has the altitude of about 300 feet above ground level. The table mountain offers one the most amazing panoramic view of almost all the environments of Enugu Metropolis; at dawn or dusk on the table mountain, there has always been the cool breeze and calm atmosphere for prayers and meditation. The table mountain is a place to be.



This is the central point of the Ministry, it housed a 5,000 sitters Auditorium (still under construction), a 150 sitting capacity hall known as hall of meeting, a 200 room space hostel (still under construction) and then the ministry Administrative offices. In this same location entrance and exist into the ministry’s environments are possible, the major gate which connects to Iva- Valley road is found in this location; in this same location, registration and processing of camp permit are carried out.



Revival Army is a vision of the ministry which aims at training firebrand soldiers of any age with a mission to take over the world for Christ with Revival Fire. This ARMY comprises of:

1: The Trumpeters.

2: Elders at the Gate.

3: Flame Keepers.

4: Anna’s Company.

5: Issachar Mandate.







Elders at the gate are strategic men positioned at the airport of the city; they annually host their gathering on every 7th of December. They pray and watch over the entrance and exit of the city especially entrance through the airway. They take part in commanding and praying into the spiritual gates of the city. Elders at the gate was initiated through the burden of Dr. Deborah who understood what can happen to any city gate when the wrong people are taking charge of the city, she also understood that people could become victims of demonic harassment through the gates; for every battle, victory or defeat starts at the gate. In the full sense of knowing alltheseshe initiated the Elders at the gate and positioned them at the Akanu Ibiam International Airport Enugu State. Prior to this in the previous years There have been a high level of causalities and serious security problems at the airport, such as passengers coming under abuse by touts and other cult boys who do illegal work at the airport also the airplanes suffering serious mechanical and technical damage after each flight airport succession and the cause would never be known, and this had led many into fear of taking the air as a means of transportation across the state. But after the Elders at the gate were firmly raised and positioned, all of these cases had been addressed. Since the year 2015 till date there have never been any form of casualty again.



Anna’s Company is a groups of Widows of the ministry who have submitted their lives and total being to Christ. They stand as the backbone of deep intercessions for the ministry, the nation and the body of Christ in general. They have their annual meeting every 5th of September; they are mainly trained to go for rural evangelism and market soul wining; they also hold a strong intercession on every demanding issues that needs to be settled in the place of prayer. Just like Anna in the Bible, who had no more children nor ever married again after her husband’s death but she spent all of her life in the temple, praying for the redemption and fulfilment of the promise of God to the children of Israel. Dr. Deborah through divine leading initiated this group in 2014, and since then they have remained very active in the place of prayer, fasting and evangelism. At intervals the ministry does offers them empowerment and giving of alms, so as to meet up their financial needs. The Anna’s company had witnessed tremendous testimonies in their weekly gathering and in their annual meetings. They are just precious in the sight of the Lord ALMIGHTY.



The trumpeters as a division of the army were trained as senior adult soldiers for Christ. This division mainly comprises married women and trained personnelsthat run hand in hand with the vision bearer in cutting and implementing decisions in the ministry. They play a major role as their standing keeps the fire burning; out of this same division are trained intercessors, Pastors, Prophetesses and strong Evangelistic vessels who stand as pillars and guide to the other younger divisions of the army. The trumpeters were rightly named after the effects and ministry of the trumpet, they have this great charge towards any atmosphere that would not permit the gospel of Jesus Christ. They were the first division to be formed and they started with the vision bearer at the infant stage of the ministry.



The flame keepers as a division are ripe and hot human instruments forged from long hours of prayer and training on setting every atmosphere up for the move of God. Most of the flame keepers are Trumpeters, Elders at the gate, Anna’s Company and Issachar Mandate. At every point in time, revival fire needs to be kept burning steadily, and in this division we had witnessed men and women pray for 2880 hours of marathon prayers, 50 Nights with God, 100 Nights with God and 150 Nights with God. Then ever since 2018, the flame on the altar goes on burning as the watches and prayer hours ran all through the year and still continues up till date. Indeed the flame of revival is not easy to maintain, but THE FLAME KEEPERS have witnessed grace beyond measure to attain to this level and to look upto  the Holy Spirit for more unction.






Issachar Mandate as a division of Revival Army is the youth arm of the Army, they wererightly named after the Issachar Tribe of the sons of Jacob in the Bible. They holds their annual meeting every 14-16thth June of the year; they are majorly trained to carry revival fire all over the world and where ever they finds themselves. Since the youths are the major key to establishing a holy God fearing nation and generation, Dr. Deborah Macfoy worked tirelessly for 14yrs training and raising the youths, who later turned out strong and equipped for the work of God. Each year about 200-300 Youths troops in from different school of learning and campuses to the Prayer mountain of Revival City international Christian Retreat and Conference Center in Iva- Valley to catch the Revival Fire and to burn for the Lord. Issachar mandate has witnessed a 2,880 non-stop hours of Prayer with other divisions of the army. They are committed in their assignment and had witnessed testimonies that can only come through submission to the Person of the HOLY SPIRIT; such as that almost in all campuses of the federation, the Issachar Youths are the leaders both in Fellowship and in Student Government. Issachar Mandate have raised many youths into Pastors and strong Preachers of God’s word.






In 2007 the great burden to build up the younger ones came upon Dr. Deborah Macfoy. She began to set up strategies to get the younger one reached; the attempt to do this yielded much results and WIN BIBLE CLUB was birthed. Each year at the long vacation of August to September, the Ministry witnesses over 2,000 children who were taught to know Jesus and to cut out of evil lifestyles, they were also subjected to moral knowledge and academic knowledge. Since 2007 WIN BIBLE CLUB has raised children into youths, who now take part in Issachar Mandate and other ministerial activities both in the ministry and in the Body of Christ. WIN BIBLE CLUB have also witnessed their own testimonies, such as the restoration of lost children back to Christ, healing of a boy of whom one of his foot was shorter than the other that walks with clutches but was healed in one of their meetings and so many more testimonies.

Currently WIN BIBLE CLUB children are all standing tall asmore children join the army for effective regeneration and continuation of the flow.






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