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It takes a village to bring up a child, but it today we deal with the global village and its impact in our children. There is a lot of competition for who influences the next generation owing to this prevailing competition, God has released armies and agents into this generation to save them from being won over  to the kingdom of darkness for  the reason of this mission ,He has raised up an army and has given them the name WIN BIBLE CLUB.

WIN Bible Club is one of the vision and ministry of Word International Network founded by Prophetess Sabina Macfoy Akachukwu. The vision of Win Bible Club is to raise a godly generation of children and youths that can grow to become future leaders and can possess excellent spirit so as to stand out as lights in this crooked and perverted generation.

The objective of this vision is to use biblical principles to achieve this development task and also to raise “Daniels” and “Josephs” of this generation who can say NO to the dictates of the world and flee immorality at all pressure; to raise the “Marys” and “Esthers” of this generation who can decide to live a godly life by living a pure and chaste life even when others seems to have yielded to the pattern of this world. Win Bible hosts an annual summer holiday lesson for the youths and children in the month of august on which at the end there will be a 3 days revival  summit for the youths by the end of the month.

The programme started on 1st of August 2007 having  about 250 children and youths  in attendance at 114 Ziks avenue, Uwani Enugu (WIN CENTER). It was 100% Bible club based purely on teachings from the word of God. Children were being taught the word of God in a way and manner they were understood , as time went on they became acquainted with the word of God and were being introduced to the person of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit began to do tremendous work in their lives that on the day of the Holy ghost baptism, children even below the age of six spoke in diverse  tongues, prophesied and received visions . As a result of this revival, many children  gave their lives to Christ and some who were not able to read the bible , read and even recited many chapters and verses of the scriptures just within few weeks. This improvement fetched them prizes such as : mobile phones, bible and  laptops e.t.c . to their credit. We made sure that the physical needs of these children were met as well. This is seen in the daily provision of lunch, writing materials and a conducive learning environment  for them. God really saw us true , He provided all ; both the directions, logistics, finances and personnel needed for the programme. Our  first year  marked great inception into  a bigger picture of God’s mandate to the ministry and we greater works in the years ahead.

In 2008, God took us to another height . According to the direction of the Holy ghost , Prophetess Sabina visited Pastor and Pastor Mrs. Anyanwu  the presiding pastor of First Baptist Church Uwani, Enugu State Nigeria  who God used to provide us an accommodation at no cost for teaching the children because of the revival that took place in the life their son in the previous year programme. This Baptist center housed over 2000 children and youths in attendance. In the same year 2008,we saw the need of including academics in the programme schedule so as to boost the moral and educational performance of these youngsters. We started teaching academic subjects and this strategy drew more children to the programme. So as to get teachers and workers who can carry the vision ahead, series of trainings, workshops and seminars were conducted for them to understand the vision the more and this made some of the them to surrender and rededicate their lives to Christ. The WIN Bible Club youths, who were mainly fruits of the previous year programme, remained and were trained as youth pastors and facilitators.

2008 was indeed a great year for Win Bible Club, because we had more number of souls, who were  won over to the kingdom of God. We had a great move of the Holy ghost in the lives of these children. During the impartation and deliverance session, children who were possessed by demonic spirits were freed, we declared war in the kingdom of immorality and youths were delivered cfrom the chains of fornication, masturbation, lesbianism, homosexualism and all form of addictions holding them bound. The lord indeed did wonders through His ministers like : Apostle Vincent Uzodike, Bishop  Obi Onubogu, Pastor Edwin Bayeibo and other anointed men of God to declare  deliverance upon these children. Mrs.Mercy Udom and Pastor Mrs. Vivian Anyanwu who were our first coordinators was used greatly by God to organize these children and their teachers well. This children were taught and fed at no cost.

Hallelujah! In 2009 it was a year of increase to WIN Bible CLUB, God gave one more center to owing to the trooping number of children who came for the previous year. The new center which  was opened at Trans-ekulu primary school caught the fire immediately and children from the eastern part of Enugu  were able to experience God’s power. The testimonies didn’t close in 2009. The lord did wonders , there was  avenues to reach out to these children. Academics were not left out, the teachers and facilitators were trained, lunch was served to the children as all was done according to the leading of the Holy spirit . Talent hunts were introduced in the curriculum. The children were given opportunity to showcase and channel their talents towards the kingdom business. They were able to recite the books of Timothy, Proverbs, Psalms,  and many other places in the bible as to boost their spiritual life.

The Lord is awesome, In 2010 He added 4 new centers to us making  up the number of centers to 6 centers. These new centers includes: MTD College Garriki(Enugu south)  Ekulu Primary School now All Saints Primary School (Enugu east)  Ngwo Girls Secondary School, Ngwo (Enugu central) and St. Theresa’s Primary School Abakpa Nike (Enugu east). Each of these centers had not less than 1000 children in attendance. It was a year of maturity for WIN Bible Club as it trained us so much as we understood closer that God is taking us into another realm. God did His work through us and His power went forth. The testimonies kept increasing the more. We understood that the higher the number  of the children in attendance, the higher the work of God “ceteris paribus”. The programme took the shape God wanted it to take, souls were restored back to Him, youths received impartations and release  for prophesies and visions as the Holy ghost worked. Children was delivered from familiar spirits , and their destinies were called forth. God was glorified.

In 2011 the programme took a new dimension, the lord increased our centers as we were added with three more centers making up the total number of nine centers. The new centers were in Coal camp Primary School (Enugu east) Community Primary school Amorji-nike (Enugu east) and  Emene Practicing School. As the centers increased, the number of children  increased, our responsibilities and budgets increased as well but Jehovah jireh was with us and he provided all the necessary things we needed. God declared it a year of revival for youths. Following this mandates, a 3 day youth revival summit was organized on the 29th to 31th August for the youths in enugu  at nnamdi azikiwe stadium. It was the first of its kind in the city. Youths in both secondary and tertiary institution came out in their numbers, we had a full hall. Buses were sent to different centers to convey the youths to and fro the program at no cost. As the came, Holy Ghost began from the first day of the program and there was revival fire which ignited deeply in the hearts of those young ones. During the ministrations, thousands of them gave their lives to Christ while those in secret societies where delivered and they surrendered their weapons. The kingdom of sexual immorality was seriously dealt with to an extent, those youths surrendered their condoms, pornographic films and other forms illicit magazines were burnt on the program. Chains of sexual addictions were broken and the spirits of sexual additions were cast out. God used his Servants Pastor Obiekwe Nwandu and Ken Kattas to bring about evident changes in the lives of the youths.

​God raised people who made sure that the youths were taken good care of. In the area of welfare, lunch was provided for thousands of youths. Wow it was AWESOME!!!

​In the year 2012 by the grace of God, 4 more centers were added, increasing it to 13 centers. The new centers were; Methodist high school (Enugu South), Asata primary school Obiagu (Enugu north) Ugbodogwu Primary School (Enugu east) and Abor. Still on the call for revival, revival messages were preached at the center levels , It was an awesome experience for the children as the  children were mandated to go for evangelism and win more souls which they embarked on.  We had a testimony galore in this assignment. The 3 days youth revival summit this year was  wonderful as we had above 10,000 youth from the whole parts of Enugu converging at the gymnasium hall of Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium Enugu . God really showed His power in the programme as the revival was the double of what we had in the previous year. Youths were being restored back to God, yokes were broken, we declared war in marine kingdoms  and God’s children were delivered from their covens, it was truly a season of harvest for the kingdom. Hallelujah! The Lord really saw us through he provided us with all personnels, logistics and materials we needed. He proved that He was, He is and He will be with us and we believe him for great harvest and greater woks next time.

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